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Sourcing Specialist, Development Centre (DevC) South Asia

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Описание вакании

Company description

A better home creates a better everyday life!

We firmly believe a better life starts at home, our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people.

Development Centre South Asia works close together with people and partners to unleash the full potential of the IKEA business model through co-creation, continuously finding better ways of bringing our vision to life through Democratic Design.

Curious on the life at home for the many people? We are now looking for a Sourcing Specialist, come join us!

Job description

As Sourcing Specialist, you will work closely with the product development team to develop IKEA Customer relevant range with speed and IKEA identity, by leading total supply chain perspective and bring the supplier and customer closer through product development.

- Together with development team members, secure best democratic design at the lowest       total cost.

- Responsible to secure total supply chain perspective and draw conclusions, including selecting optimal material and technique, in product development by involving right competence needed.

- Responsible to secure that both production and customer perspective is considered in the product development process.

- Overall responsible for sourcing activities and performance connected to the product development, including phase in and phase out.

- Responsible to lead and secure the supply chain perspective of the pricing.

- Responsible for preconditions to secure availability at lowest Total cost.



We are looking for the people with:

· Capability & Experience in mix materials & industry

· Understanding of end to end value chain and supply chain of various industry

· Interest of people’s life at home and energy, drive and commitment to deliver better     products for the many people.

·The IKEA values truly reflect personal values.

  • The capability and willingness to connect, influence and convince.
  • The capability to analyze, translate number and information into insights and conclusions. And use the conclusions to connect the dots and form big picture.
  • Fast learning, reflective and self improve type of profile.
  • Excellent analytical and logical skills. Fact based thinking and mindset.
  • Innovative thinking, curiosity and always interested in knowing more and going for the root cause.

More Information

Sounds interesting?
Please send us your application – CV and letter of motivation – in English not later than 28th Jan '22. We really want to get to know you, so make sure you tell us why you would be a good fit for this role.

For more curious questions about the role, please contact Shagufta Nahid- DevC Manager South Asia (shagufta.nahid@inter.ikea.com) and for any questions on recruitment process , pls connect with P&C Generalist , Jaswinder Sharma.