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Описание вакании


As a person you are genuinely interested in securing a great customer experience and in people's life at home. You have energy, drive and commitment to deliver better products and services for the many people. You are also highly motivated in understanding the area within the scope of Equipment Purchasing and you desire to continuously learn and develop in a curious way. Furthermore, you are interested and driven to find common interests and agenda as well as to build trust and partnership to reach common goals. In addition you are highly motivated in understanding the category / market area that we are working in and you strive for finding new business opportunities and make it happen through engaging and motivating people.

You have knowledge in following areas:

• fluent in English both written and spoken
• excellent business knowledge and mind-set
• good knowledge of industry and market specific conditions for Equipment category
• strong negotiation skills

We believe that you have capability to understand the bigger picture and always act with the Customer and Total IKEA in mind. You are also able to identify and capture process and business opportunities and deliver results through involving and engaging people. Building trust and relationships, in order to build long-term relationships, and adapting to a fast changing environment is in your scope. Furthermore, you can take responsibility and initiative within the area of scope.


As a Purchaser of Equipment category you will contribute to the development and execution of the Category / market action plan by securing compliance of the IKEA IMS purchase process, building long term supplier partnerships and drive supplier performance and by involving relevant business partners to identify business needs and opportunities.

You will:
• take full responsibility for following and securing the IKEA IMS purchase process end-to-end and secure compliance of IWAY, Code of Conduct & business ethics
• be responsible for building long term partnerships through IKEA way of doing business, based on shared business model, trust & transparency
• be responsible for supplier performance by professionally challenge suppliers to constantly improve all aspects of supplier performance and lead Supplier Development Process (SDP) when applicable
• act according to IKEA values do business with Fact-based Business Leadership
• understand the goals, business priorities and follow through on commitments and achieves results in line with the IKEA vision and values
• perform and develops in current business assignment and projects
• communicate in a straightforward and inclusive manner and listens actively to gain information
• co-operate with team members in other and own units to accomplish common goals
• seeks opportunities for improvement
• demonstrate willingness and contributes to change by taking necessary actions and adapt to new circumstances


We don’t want to brag, but in our team we’re born negotiators. Together we source the world for suppliers for everything from raw materials for products to ink for the printer. Our mission is to maximise what suppliers can provide at the lowest possible prices while assuring safe and sustainable sourcing at all times. Most importantly: we build mutually beneficial partnerships for the long term. There’s nothing better than a great deal where everyone wins!