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Сюйчжоу, Jiangsu Sheng - Изучите местоположение Клиентский сервис полная занятость

Описание вакании


• Good knowledge about the store operations.
• Good knowledge of relevant customer relations processes, tools (digital & physical) and working methods.
• Good knowledge of legal requirements.
• Good knowledge of the payment process.
• Good knowledge of IKEA payment tools.
• Basic knowledge of IKEAs corporate identity, core values and vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people .
• The IKEA values reflect own values and give energy.
• Passionate about growing business and people together using the experience
• Driven to exceed my goals.
• Enjoy working in a fast-paced and future-oriented retail environment.
• Desire to learn and want to improve skills, using this to the benefit of the IKEA Brand and for growing personally.


• Ensure my check-out is effectively equipped at all times throughout the day and I am ready and available to help customers when needed.
• I know my levels of authorisation to solve payment problems when they occur and recognise when I need to escalate an issue to someone with higher authorisation. I pass on the relevant information for them to deal effectively and efficiently with the customer.
• I offer solutions to frequently asked questions. This helps to make a better future shopping experience for everyone.
• I use the till to accurately register products and register payment from customers according to given routines.
• I ensure our store is a safe and secure environment at all times for visitors and colleagues.
• I optimise the relationship with our customers when they pay for products, in order to drive increased customer satisfaction, creating the desire for them to want to return and shop with us over time. I do this by:
understanding the importance of accurate stock inventory and how my own actions impact on this.
understanding global solutions, tools and working methods and the IKEA Concept and ensuring I use the appropriate manuals and other education tools to support me in maximising our customers’ shopping experience.
contributing to the check-out action plan and taking ownership for my part in its delivery.
listening to feedback from customer when given and passing this on to my manager.
• I work together with other functions to improve the shopping experience for our customers in order to generate more sales.
• I pass on my knowledge to colleagues and encourage them to do the same.
• I know our check-out action plan and support the goals and targets given to me by my manager, which ensures the delivery of our action plan.
• I know our daily and weekly service targets and this drives me to improve our service delivery.
• I have an overview of the store and customer relations action plans and understand how our action plan supports this.
• I understand the impact of my actions on the financial results of my area and know which results I have influence over and how to balance this with the needs of my customers.
• I follow cash handling procedures to ensure the security of money handling.
• I look for more effective ways of working to reduce costs.


To drive sales growth and sustained long-term profitability, by establishing and retaining a life-long relationship with existing and new customers. This is achieved by working in partnership with our customers and other functions to: secure an easy buying process from home to home, and understand and match customers’ needs and expectations now and in the future.
Our aim is to motivate our customers to shop with us more frequently because they trust us to make their shopping experiences successful and their visits worthwhile; as every customer count.